Can Chiggers Live in Your Bed


So, can chiggers live in your bed?

The short answer is: Yes, Chiggers CAN live in your home, and in your bed. But it’s not that simple and requires a longer answer. Fortunately, it’s not very common either.

Chiggers On The Rise, Despite Covid-19, New Study Suggests

A new study concluded this week that chigger bugs were such a problem in France that they now pose a national health hazard.

The creatures have been on the rise globally but in the past decade, bed bugs have proliferated–they are now found in every U.S. state and countries across Europe have seen huge infestations, notably Paris (which is the number one visited capital in the world).

Chigger Horror Story

Here we have Emma’s story, a young lady’s situation that nobody would want to experience:

“I’ve had chiggers for about three years now. Yeah you heard me, THREE YEARS. Three years of freaking hell on earth. Let’s start where it all began. Grab some popcorn, folks.”


This begins about six months after I’ve moved to Indiana. At first I notice some red bumps on me. Yeah I’ve been molested by mosquitoes before. No biggie. Well, it progressively gets worse. At this point, I think I have some rash or cancer or a cancer rash. So my mother takes me to a doctor. Fleas or bed bugs. Chiggers bugs? I thought those were just a nursery rhyme. Nope very real.


We go home and don’t see any at first. Then one day she sees one. At first she’s skeptical and takes it to management. It’s a blood sucking demon from hell, here to take not only your hemoglobin but also your sanity as well.


Infestation From Hell

Our landlord brings over an exterminator but we have to pay him. Great. Says because it’s our fault. Technically, he was right but it’s not like we ever acted that way.

My grandmother watched our house for a while when we were away but CONVENIENTLY FORGOT TO MENTION HOW SHE HAD THE INFESTATION FROM HELL AT HER HOUSE. Yeah. She’s the reason why all of this happened and now we’ve got a mild infestation.

So the pest dude comes over and does treatments where he sprays our apartment with chemicals every week.

He promises that this’ll get rid of them in a year, tops. Yeah no. We got bottomed and screwed dry.

It’s over a year later. The pest guy says, “Oh no no no it’ll just be a few more months now. I can save your furniture!” Yeah right.

Few months pass and we throw out the brand new, very expensive (at least to me) sofa and love seat. Pest guy gets the nerve to be mad at us because “I was gonna save it.” Yeah whatever.

Bitten For Years

It’s two and a half years since the first treatment and JACK **** has changed. I called the landlord over to look at it. He takes a gander and says, “Whatever.”

Whatever. Whatever? ****!. We have lawn chairs from Walmart as furniture. I sleep on the kitchen table while my mom sleeps on a mattress on the living room floor.

Our new furniture is gone. We’ve been being bitten for literal YEARS. I can’t have people over for fear of transmitting this disease. No one wants us over. Total isolation.

And you have the absolute nerve to say “whatever” like we’re wasting your time? Mom signed a new lease that day.


Mom goes off and buys new mattresses and box springs. Also buys furniture against my judgement. All seems good though.

Finally, we can relax and stop crying because we don’t feel safe in our own beds.  We’re finally in the clear!

Haha no. That would be too nice. After like a month I’m seeing eggs in my bed. I don’t mention it until I see some more.

Mom calls fungus dude and he says it must be old, dead eggs from the warehouse where the mattresses came from bc no way chiggers made it. Yeah sure that’s why they appeared on top of my sheets. Perfect sense.

After a while I see a chigger and grab that sucker. We box him up and show new landlords.

They say a treatment has to happen now but of course we’re paying for it. $1,250. That may not be much for y’all, but I eat ramen every day and don’t even go to college yet.

So yeah. We somehow scrape the money together begrudgingly but happy that they’ll be gone. Dudes come in and heat the place up to 140 F. Finally. Gone.

It only takes a few days for the eggs to reappear and bites to show up on me again. Call dudes. Say they’ll reinspect and maybe do it again. Yeah okay.

Blind Bob over here said there were absolutely no chiggers in our apartment at all first inspection before the first heating. Whatever.

And that’s now. You expect this story to have a happy ending? Well no. It has been three years living with this, depression, anxiety and I am as the Tumbler people say it “so done.” Seriously.

What else is there to do but increase our debt? We spent thousands on this before and seems like we’ll spend even more. I just don’t know what to do.

I’m so stressed and just. I don’t know. It’s just too much. If this doesn’t get resolved soon, I’m going to hurt someone. Whether it be the landlords or incompetent “bed bug experts”

But what does this all mean for the rest of us?

Be ready: Put an effective pest control product in your shopping cart early in the season so you’re ready when you see the first sign of bugs in your home.

If you see one chances are there are more hiding in nooks and crannies.

It’s hard to put a pin on how many, but an old saying is that for every one you do see, there are 10 more you don’t.

Striking at the first sign of bugs can help you avoid big problems down the line, as these insects can multiply very quickly.

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