Hidden Teachings Of Car Repair Every American Should Know


Car buyers crave reliability. 95% of used-car shoppers rank it high when choosing a car, according to a national survey conducted by Consumer Reports.

But for many shoppers, even knowing which cars are trustworthy isn’t enough. They want protection.

Vehicle service contracts (VSC), often referred to as extended warranties, are a solution for consumers who buy a used car or for those who want to extend the bumper-to-bumper coverage on a new car.

This mitigates one of the biggest risks of buying a used car—your lack of knowledge as to how well it was maintained.

If something goes wrong within the warranty period you will not have to pay for the repair.

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Whats The Catch?

That’s the best part about this service, there isn’t any. What helps to make sense of this whole thing, is coming to the understanding that a VSC wants you to be covered for these reasons:


• It covers the cost of unexpected repair bills

• You have roadside assistance

• You receive a loaner car when your car’s in service

• You can get periodic maintenance


Over time, VSC will save you money by reducing or even eliminating your repair bills. It will also help you maintain its value which is important when you go to sell the car or trade it in on a new vehicle purchase.



High Stakes, Huge Opportunity

What’s at stake is nothing less than our basic rights to life, health, choice and freedom itself. When finally understood, this service is truly a great opportunity to claim power back into the hands of the people.

Be sure the services includes your cars technology features, as well as other significant vehicle systems.

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Will It Fit Your Needs?

If you plan on keeping your car for several years after the factory warranty expires, an extended warranty should cover unanticipated repairs and maintenance.

You can compare the prices and warranty terms of several different companies online to narrow your choices and get a ballpark idea of how much it will end up costing.

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